Annual Report

The session 2021-22 was very eventful. The session began with on-line classes due to Covid-19 Lockdown. However every effort was made to have on-line classes for all students from Class I to VIII. Due to poor network in villages and reluctance some parents in allowing their children to use mobile phones, the response to online classes was not hundred percent. Even then the participants benefitted a lot because they could remain in touch with the books and their contents.

Things were different from the month of September. As soon as the permission was granted to open schools, we went all-out to make best use of every available day. The syllabus was adjusted to match the number of working days available. The main focus was on these students to fill the gap in studies caused by almost 2 years of closure of schools. Teachers worked hard to help students get back to normal routine of studies. It was also necessary to introduce and teach the starting chapters of books so that students could connect to the new syllabus and understand the chapters ahead. The syllabus was reduced to fit into the available working days. Two examinations were scheduled, one in December and one in March.

As many co-curricular activities as possible were incorporated into the curriculum. Children made masks, told stories, played one-act-plays, made Rakhis etc. Handwriting competition, Essay writing competition was also held. Special assemblies were organized to celebrate important events such as Gandhi Jayanti, diwali, etc.

Although another lockdown was imposed in January, exams were held in December as scheduled. When the lockdown was lifted on Feb 14 Classes again began. One chapter from each subject was covered and the entire syllabus revised so that students were ready for Annual Exams in March. Attendance was 100%. Management, teachers and students worked whole-souled and the results were declared on March 22.

The academic results were 100%. Students take part in activities directed to improve environment. Athletics meet and other games were held as possible. Regular parents teacher meeting are conducted for good interaction with parents.

Another milestone was the affiliation of the school with CBSE w.e.f. session 2022-23. The entire school was thrilled at getting the affiliation. We could now began to have Class 9th also from session 2022-23.

With this happy note we end this annual report. There are many things to do and “many miles to go before we sleep.”

The School Managing Committee in its meeting on 21 March 2022, took the following decisions regarding fee for session 2022-23:

1. There will be no increase in the monthly fee.
2. No admission fee will be charged for new admissions.
3. The student in the senior most class will be charged full fee and all other siblings will be given 50% concession in the monthly tuition fee.
4. It was also resolved that TGTS in all subjects will be appointed for the coming session 2022-23 as the school has got affiliation from CBSE.

Thank You

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